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Post by Mags on 2012-11-11, 18:15

Going to try this idea out, if you’ve never played the game, I’ll explain, though it is very loosely based on the game, instead of going through your Ancestor’s lives, you go through your own past lives, just a big difference in there for those who have played.

The setting is in Boston, where your character has been abducted to by Abstergo, a group of modern day Templars who have a goal to create a perfect world, although the means by which they aimed to do so - through force, control and the destruction of free will. Your character is an important piece of their goal. Their past lives have done great things; they were Assassin’s, enemies of the Templars who fought for freedom and freewill. You do not know this though as you are placed into a room with others who you have never met, but are all connected in past lives, all a part of the Brotherhood, the Assassin’s.
You are to be placed in an Animus, which allows you to go through your past lives hundreds, or thousands, of years ago all in order for the Templars to get information to where the pieces of Eden are, which the Templars want to control mankind.

Just another thing to add in, when your character is in their past lives, they will literally be seeing it through their past life’s self. So you’ll be acting the part of many characters, not exactly the one you make in your sheet, if that makes sense. There will be a lot of skipping around in time, different cultures, different characters but all related to your current character.

Character Sheet:


Name: Natalie Vex
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Assassin's Creed RP Brown_hair_by_Basistka
Background: Was born in Maine and lived by the sea, spending a lot of her time swimming, doing sports, drawing and playing music. She ended up going to college for Criminal Justice and once she graduated decided to travel around the world with her fiancé. They were in Italy together when Natalie was taken by Abstergo and brought to Boston.

Name: Maverick Lucic
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Assassin's Creed RP Jamie_II_by_my_goddess
Background: Was born in Chicago and grew up in a terrible home with an abusive father and a mother who didn’t care. He did poorly in school and was considered a lost cause. At the age of 18 he moved out of his home and has lived a simple life without many worries. This all changed though one day at the music store he worked at when he was taken by Abstergo agents and forced to Boston.

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