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Post by Shades on 2012-02-15, 04:01 Rules and Policies

The number one rule you should consider is to always use common sense when posting. This is an online community with people of different ages, race, and backgrounds.

Please be respectful of other peoples opinions and beliefs and you will should be fine here.

1. No insulting other members - You are free to express your opinion, but there is a fine line between arguing and debating. Do not insult/personally attack any member on these forums for any reason.

2. No Trolling - Trolling is defined as posting something off-topic or offensive deliberately in order to aggravate other members, with the view to causing an argument.

3. No Thread Derailment - Posting something off-topic in order to derail a topic will not be tolerated.

4. No racist, homophobic, or sexist remarks - This a place of expression, but please keep anything concerning these views to yourself.... Perhaps also reevaluate your views too...

5. No "1337-speak" - Please keep the forums clean. Typing like this makes it a lot harder for the readers to understand.

6. Do not abuse the report button - Use this button only to report violating posts. False reports will end in an infraction to the reporter.

7. Do not post any inappropriate content - No posting of anything related to porn, or things that are disturbing or offensive.

8. No insubordination - The mods and admins are here to keep things running smoothly, do what they say. Disregarding their warnings/advice is considered insubordination and offenders will be disciplined accordingly. 1st offense temporary ban, 2nd offense permanent ban.

9. No posting advertisements - This also includes using link shortening services like linkbucks or adfly. Also included in this is the whole "Do a survey to get access" stuff. People should not need to jump through hoops to get information.

10. No posting viruses/malware - Let's keep this place safe. Any one doing this will be permanently banned.

11. No bypassing bans - Do not bypass bans. If you do so, you will automatically receive a permanent ban. To dispute temporary a ban, create an account with your original username and the letter BD (ban dispute). Send a personal message to either me or any of the administrators stating your case calmly. Permanent bans cannot be disputed.

12. Rules may change at any time - These rules are not constant and may change.

If you break the rules...
Unless otherwise stated in the rules above:
First and second offense = Warning/Infraction
Third offense = Temporary ban
Fourth = Permanent ban

If you would like to suggest any changes to these rules, please post a thread in this section.

Posted: 2/15/2012

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